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Journey of a Lifetime

Take the journey of a lifetime behind the wheel of four exotic cars including the likes of a Porsche 911S, Ferrari F430, Aston Martin Vantage Spyder, Corvette Grand Sport and an Audi R8 in the stunning Okanagan Valley.

Thrilling Half Day Tour

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    Scenic Adventure

    Adventure through beautiful Okanagan roads stopping at various scenic stops to switch into your next luxury supercar.

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    Beautiful Landscape

    Stop for photo opportunities with stunning backgrounds at various wineries and Sparkling hill.

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    Vineyard Lunch

    Pause the adventure for a vineyard lunch overlooking Okanagan Lake.

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    Bring a Friend

    Bring a passenger to share in the experience and to participate in winery tastings.

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    VIP Experience

    You will be sure to feel like a VIP for the day!


The price of $999 is all inclusive of taxes, insurance, fuel, lunch, complimentary bottle of wine, passenger charge and the experience of a guided tour in four Supercars.

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Everything! The price of $999 is all inclusive of taxes, insurance, fuel, lunch, passenger charge and the experience of a four hour guided tour in four supercars.
Absolutely! You will be in the cars by yourself, unless you choose to bring your own passenger. You will drive four exotic cars, unless you choose to share driving duties with a passenger.
Supercars experienced on tour are based on availability. We can not guarantee exact make and models as our fleet changes due to maintenance and rotation of inventory. Most likely it will be 4 of the following exotic cars: a Porsche 911S, Ferrari F430, Aston Martin Vantage Spyder, Corvette Grand Sport or an Audi R8.
To rent and drive our vehicles, you must be 25 years of age or older and carry a valid driver’s license. Drivers with an L (Learners License) or N (Novice Learner) are not able to drive our cars but can of course be passengers.
No. All of our vehicles have automatic transmissions with F1-style paddle shifters. All vehicles also have a fully automatic mode. How you choose to drive is up to you, however we recommend starting out in automatic mode to get used to the vehicles first!
You will experience each supercar for approximately 30-40 minutes.
No, credit card rental insurance packages do NOT include luxury or exotic vehicles.
Insurance is included in the $999 price of the tour. In case of an accident the deductible is $2500. The deductible is held on a credit cards during the tour period.
Yes! Children who are over 9 years of age OR over 4’9″ tall are welcome to participate as a passenger.
All bookings are subject to availability, for this reason we suggest booking as well in advance as possible.
Our tour accommodates 8-10 guests. Each of our supercars are two-seaters.
No, only Exotic Car Tour vehicles are able to take part in the tour. Contact us directly and we will help accommodate you and your family so that everyone can be part of the experience!
Yes! You will have an opportunity at each tour stop for photos before switching cars and resuming the tour. You will get beautiful photos that capture this experience of a lifetime to share with all your friends and family.
Yes, absolutely, as long as they meet our eligibility requirements for drivers. How you distribute your driving time is up to you!
Unfortunately all of our tour experiences are based on switching cars along the way, but feel free to inquire about booking your favourite vehicle for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.
Yes. The routes for our tours are all pre-planned and must be followed to ensure everyone in the tour has the same incredible experience!
It happens! Just remain calm and drive normally. Every car and driver will be equipped with a radio to keep in contact and ensure everyone meets up in case an individual becomes separated.
As your experience will take place on public roads, you will drive as you would every day on the street; safely with the flow of traffic. Our goal is to let you enjoy the exotic cars, but in a safe environment. As such, speed limits and all other local laws must be followed. It is the responsibility of each driver to pay attention to posted speed limits and avoid any violation tickets. Excessive speeding (40 km/h over the speed limit), speeding (1 km/h over) in school or playground zones and/or any other reckless driving will not be tolerated by us and may result in the termination of the experience with no refunds.
We recommend driving at a safe speed, taking into consideration posted speed limits, weather, visibility, road conditions, traffic and any other variable factors that may contribute to your judgement of what constitutes a safe speed.
As the driver, you are responsible for any speeding tickets and any other violation tickets you receive while participating in a tour or while renting a vehicle. However, keep in mind that the focus of our tours is the experience of driving an exotic car on beautiful stretches of road. If you are looking to drive fast, a race track experience may be more suited for you.
Yes, there will be plenty of opportunity to feel the amazing power of the cars, but still within the rules of the road. We want you to enjoy the cars and there will be sections of the highway that will allow you to enjoy them a little more, even within the speed limit.

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