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Date night? Birthday celebration? Nice day for a road trip? Whatever the occasion (or not) our supercars are available for you to experience at your own leisure.

Our fleet is constantly changing due to maintenance and rotation of inventory. Check back often for current availability.


Audi R8 from $149 per hour or $799 per day
Aston Martin Vantage Spyder from $149 per hour or $799 per day
Corvette Grand Sport from $149 per hour or $799 per day
Porsche 911S from $275 per hour or $1325 per day
Ferrari F430 from $275 per hour or $1325 per day

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Exotic Car 3 Hour*
(150km included)
12 Hour*
(150km included)
Audi R8 $647 $999
Aston Martin Vantage $647 $999
Corvette Grand Sport $647 $999
Porsche 911S $1025 $1525
Ferrari F430 $1025 $1525

*Pricing includes gas and insurance. Taxes not included. Additional kilometres are $3.50 per kilometre.

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The final rental cost is dependant on many factors. Below is the total cost of a three hour rental of our supercars where the vehicle has stayed within the 150km allowance:

A three hour rental in our Audi R8, Corvette Grand Sport or Aston Martin Vantage:
Rental ($149 × 3 hours) $447.00
Insurance $125.00
Gas $75.00
Taxes and Fees $98.55
Total $745.55
A three hour rental in our Ferrari F430 or Porsche 911S:
Rental ($275 × 3 hours) $825.00
Insurance $125.00
Gas $75.00
Taxes & Fees $155.25
Total $1180.25

Please inquire about our discounted day rates and multi-day rates.

There is a 3 hour minimum for all supercars and a 24 hour minimum for all luxury vehicles.
Absolutely! You will be by yourself in the cars, unless you choose to bring your own passenger.
Yes, absolutely, as long as they meet our eligibility requirements for drivers and sign the appropriate paperwork prior to departing. How you distribute your driving time is up to you! There is no extra charge for passengers.
No. All of our vehicles have automatic transmissions with F1-style paddle shifters. All vehicles also have a fully automatic mode. How you choose to drive is up to you, however we recommend starting out in automatic mode to get used to the vehicles first!
All bookings are subject to availability, for this reason we suggest booking as well in advance as possible.
No, credit card rental insurance packages do NOT include luxury or exotic vehicles.
Insurance is mandatory and is purchased at the time of booking or rental. Insurance is $125. In case of an accident the deductible amount differs for each supercar. In the Audi R8, Aston Martin Vantage and Ferrari F430 the deductible is $2,500. In the Lamborghini Gallardo and 2017 Audi R8 the deductible is $20,000. Deductible amounts are held on a credit cards during the rental period.
Insurance and fuel is not included in the base hourly price. Each vehicle is allowed 150km/day. Supercars that travel over the allotted 150km are charged $3.50/km. Luxury vehicles that travel over the allotted 150km are charged $1.50/km.

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